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Dear Editor:

Tuesday, November 2nd is the most critical election day for District 32 that I can remember in my lifetime. Everyone needs to turn out and vote! In his eight years as mayor, Bill  de Blasio has destroyed the quality of life in NYC. Felicia Singh marches to the beat of the same drum as de Blasio and AOC. They call themselves “Progressives.” They’re actually Radical Socialists.

I went to the Candidates Forum at P.S. 114 on October 19. Ms. Singh did a very good job of not answering the actual questions asked. The audience was not permitted to ask questions and therefore Ms. Singh was able to get away with her smoke and mirror show.

Simply going to her campaign website, and reading her agenda page will tell you all you need to know about Ms. Singh. Here are just a few of her many radical plans:

-She wants to remove all Police, DOE Safety Agents and metal detectors from NYC schools, ban suspensions and expulsions and get rid of both gifted and talented programs and specialized high schools. She wants to add fully functional kitchens and laundry facilities to all NYC schools. She states that teaching is a racial justice issue because the current DOE curriculum is racist.

Ms. Singh also feels that climate change is a racial justice issue because it affects immigrant communities and communities of color more than everyone else. She plans to Defund the Police by one billion dollars and reallocate that money to social services.  She wants to close Rikers Island and open “Community Halfway Houses” so criminals will be walking the streets of our residential neighborhoods. She doesn’t want police responding to calls for domestic violence. She wants to decriminalize prostitution and legalize drug use. At the candidates forum, she said that in Belle Harbor and Neposit, our kids can play in the street because of our “Privilege.”

She’s part of AOC’s “Don’t Pay Your Rent” Movement so landlords abandon their properties, and they can be turned into affordable housing. She is in favor of non-citizen voting and against voter ID cards.    

For these reasons, Felicia Singh will not be receiving my vote. If you care about the quality of life in our neighborhoods, everyone needs to turn out and Vote for Joann Ariola for City Council, District 32. Voter apathy is killing NYC! In 2017, only 14% of registered NYC voters voted for Bill de Blasio and he won in a landslide! Your vote does matter! Turn out!

George Johnson

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