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Dear Editor:

De Blasio may be on the way out, but his destructive school and police policies remain. Rockaway needs someone who will help the next Mayor undo de Blasio’s damage. We need Joann Ariola for our next City Council representative (D32).

Even before de Blasio succumbed to the “defund the police” extremists, he gutted the NYPD’s ability to deter crime. While it always makes sense to evaluate our approaches to public safety, step one should not be embracing policies that are proven to drive up crime and lawlessness. Joann Ariola will fight to restore crime deterrence and community policing.  Joann is not an ideologue.  Her common sense approach will serve us all well.

In a bizarre approach to “equity,” de Blasio and his ilk want to gut advanced academic programs, like Gifted & Talented and charter schools. Many of the children in these classes can be our future doctors and scientists. In Rockaway, the Success Academy and Scholars’ Academy have proven how effective these programs can be for our diverse student population. Joann Ariola will fight to increase investment in both advanced academic programs and individualized education plans so that all our children reach their full potential.

Some people confuse “change” with progress. Pitting citizens against each other based on race or zip code is not progress, it’s polarization. Pursuing policies that increase crime and stifle innovation in education is not change for the better, it’s change for the worse. Joann Ariola has the common sense to balance ambitious goals with real-world results. She will help us recover from the de Blasio era and build a better future for everyone in our district.

Paul King





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