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 Dear Editor:

As I was preparing to move to Rockaway Beach almost four years ago, I came across a news report of a terrible fire in one of the apartment buildings in the neighborhood. Lew Simon was listed as the contact person leading the efforts to help one of the families raise money to replace some of their lost belongings. Since we had furniture that we were not going to bring with us to Rockaway, I contacted Lew to ask if the family could use any of it. I was immediately struck by his compassion, commitment, and love for not only the family in need, but also for the community at large. We spoke for quite a while as he provided me with very helpful information about Rockaway which only got me more excited about our becoming a part of the community for which he so genuinely and obviously cared. He invited me to the Annual Chili Contest that year where I first met him and watched him work the room with his warmth, humor, and generosity of spirit while he worked his tail off selling 50/50 raffle tickets.

He will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace and Thank You, Lew. With sincerity and sadness,

Sharon Scrima

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