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Dear Editor,

Despite the residents of our State creating an Independent Redistricting Committee (IRC) in 2014 and then rejecting a partisan overhaul of that committee via ballot proposal #1 this year, Rockaway may very well become the victim of gerrymandering. We need to speak out against an artificial and destructive division of our peninsula.

The “Letters” plan for our Congressional district would slice Rockaway into three pieces with a large portion of Belle Harbor, Neponsit and Breezy Point folded into Hakeem Jefferies’ district in Brooklyn and parts of Far Rock absorbed by a Long Island district. As one civic leader said, “This will only further diminish our collective power as a community.”

Some politicians are okay with a divided Rockaway since it can assure their job security.  That’s the very gerrymandering we voted against. Now that the Governor signed a new law that will likely take redistricting away from the IRC in January and give that responsibility to the legislature, we must make our voices heard now.

I urge your readers to contact the Independent Redistricting Commission (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and our State representatives (Addabbo, Amato, Anderson and Sanders). Let them know you want a united Rockaway, not a sliced-and-diced peninsula.  They must reject the “Letters” plan for our Congressional district.

Paul King

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