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 Dear Editor:

On Memorial Day, we remember all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedoms, and we honor those loved ones who they left behind. This weekend, while we enjoy our time with our families, we should also take a moment to think about those who can’t be here with us, and those who will always have a hole in their heart for our fallen heroes.

Nearly 1.4 million Americans have lost their lives in a warzone since the birth of our nation. Each and every one of those lives cut short belonged to a man or woman with so much to give, with a family, friends, loved ones, dreams, and futures. They sacrificed all of that so that we can enjoy the rights and freedoms afforded to us as American citizens. They stood against some of the greatest evils this world has ever known, staring into the face of fighters who were determined to create a world in which our way of life would no longer exist. Had it not been for those brave men and women our world might be a very different place – a much darker place – and we all owe them a great debt for what they gave so that we can live the way that we do today.

This weekend, take some time to visit one of the many memorials set up throughout the district, and think about those who gave so much so that we can be where we are today.

Joann Ariola
City Council Member,
District 32



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