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 Dear Editor:

 I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed another beautifully written ode to nostalgia by Jean Caligiuri McKenna (“In the Good Old Summertime,” July 14, 2022). The opening and closing paragraphs, alone, are gems. The warmth of treasured memories is gifted to us in elegant phrasing, and I don’t think that she can write a bad sentence. Each article not only conveys her personal sentiments but also, not far beneath the surface, some valuable social history. It might be a worthy project someday to collect the articles in a book dedicated to Rockaway nostalgia from a time and place fast disappearing from the public’s view. A generational hand-me-down, maybe. Anyway, I encourage Jean Caliguiri McKenna to keep writing, at the very least to keep the spirit of those post-war mid-century years alive.

Kevin Anthony Reilly 

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