Just started getting into reading, watching interviews and offerings by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I had before but it didn’t resonate as much as it does now. And I realize I experienced one of his major illuminations over two years ago. Without realizing it, I put into practice one of his core teachings: clear intention + elevated emotions = a new energy. (From “Becoming Supernatural) At the time, I really wanted to make a change in my life for increased good health and well-being. I just couldn’t quite figure out how to turn over that new leaf or turn the switch or however you describe it. But I had the clear intention and I imagined how I would feel and how my life would change.

One evening at an event that I would not normally go to, two

There is so much freedom and joy when we learn the path of least resistance by simply letting go of the past and any judgements or self- sabotage. I am speaking about healing yourself internally by releasing your deepest thoughts and pains. I don’t fully understand why there is so much sickness and mental anguish but what I do know is how to turn inward and clear out the cluttered spaces.

Taking a journey to a sacred ground where ancestors have lived off the land long before we were alive is a

This column is Inspired and dedicated to my dear friend and teacher of life, Yvette Conroy who taught us to live by her mantra, “Faith over Fear.” Yvette was one of the strongest women I have ever met with unshakeable trust and faith. When you met her, she would look directly into your eyes, letting you know she was fully present to you. She was authentic and not afraid to be herself. A woman who lived her life with compassion and love. I always admired her fierce determination and ability to

Last weekend I had the pleasure and delight of attending a very good friend’s daughter’s wedding. It was at the Liberty State Park overlooking our beautiful NYC skyline. The room was spectacular with glass windows surrounding the space. A stunning rooftop patio with a panoramic view of our lovely city. The guests danced the entire night and celebrated with such joy and laughter. It is always special to see two people in love who promise to be loyal, patient and support one another in the

I often refer to meditation as “sitting with oneself.” There is nothing to achieve. There is no time that you have to sit. Meditation timers are there just to train us to sit. After a while, you don’t need a timer. After a while, you just want to sit to recreate the equilibrium in the body, mind, spirit connection. So, if you’re put off by the word “meditation” for whatever reason, think of it in this way - settling into yourself and allowing yourself to be aware of the subtle sensations of

We’re human, as the saying goes. People say things, behave and act in certain ways that are particularly hurtful. People have survival modes or competitive modes or whatever makes them tick. And some people truly do not have kind hearts. So, there are times in our lives when we are recipients of such words, behaviors and actions. While we may choose to remove ourselves from this harm’s way, we may still feel bad long afterwards. And the stories play over and over again until we find a way out

The other morning a hummingbird came near.  I was sitting outside at a table in the center of which is a plant with clusters of yellow and white flowers. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of something coming near, then in full view and going toward the flower, a hummingbird blur.  It came and went quickly.

In the afternoon I was sitting in the same place and less than about 15 inches away from my face to the yellow and white flowers came the hummingbird again with its soft green

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