Creating a theme, story, focus or sequence in a yoga class is a beautiful way to display who you are and tell your story. You will also reach people who may relate to your theme and feel comfort in knowing they are not alone. We often get stuck in our old ways or habits and forget how powerful we can become when we let things flow organically. My experience is limited and I have lots of room for growth but I am beginning to have the self-esteem and knowledge to know we all have the power to help one another heal and feel really good about ourselves. It has taken me a lifetime to know who I am and truly believe in the Creator of all.  When you wake up feeling blessed there is no space for doubt or negativity. A grateful heart creates a

If you have ever found yourself in a situation that suddenly seems wrong, you will know what I’m talking about here. It all comes back to being present, being aware, being open to checking “is this good in my life?” for big things, little things, life things and then creating a process to change a “no” answer to that question that may come up.  All four:  presence, awareness, inquiry, change.  Seems so simple, yet we often don’t take the time to check in.  More and more I do this.  I think it

 Summertime in Rockaway Beach is full of great energy and so many wonderful happenings. It truly is our time to shine and enjoy the company of good friends and family. We are blessed to live near the water and be in a community where we feel safe and happy.  There are also times we feel exhausted from the busyness of our social calendar. It’s a gift to know when to stay home and rest your body and mind. FOMO is a real thing and we don’t want to miss anything. My Mom always did her best to tell

“Breathing mindfully, you simply enjoy your in-breath and out-breath. You bring the mind home to the body, and you realize that you are alive, still alive, and this is a wonder. To be alive is the greatest of all miracles.”  - Thich Nhat Hanh

If you can take three minutes before you rise from your night’s sleep to experience and enjoy a morning breath practice, it will help to set the day. Maybe sitting on the edge of the bed before all else. Or once you rise as you sit with your coffee or

 Thank you, I’’m sorry, Go to hell, Please, That’s wonderful, That’s awful, That will never work, Good job…. The power of words, each one creating a vibration of its own and yet how much do we think about what we say and the effect it might have on another, the atmosphere around us, or inside us?

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter - tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” - Mark Twain

Have you ever noticed if

Many years back, I had an opportunity to work with the special needs children who were non- verbal. They were a precious gift in my life leading me towards a career teaching yoga here in the Rockaways. With the support of my family, I was able to follow my heart and bring this special love to many in our community. A song by Jack Johnson, Upside Down, always reminds me of the children and all they overcame in their life.  If you can listen to the words please do.

“Who’s to say, what’s

Lately, we have been experiencing an elevated collective anguish. Life has many difficulties and sometimes it seems impossible to move through so much suffering. As I struggle to write, I know many are also fighting to survive so I will do my best to give you some tools to support you on your journey. Never give up, we live in a strong, supportive community. Sangha means community and I have never been in a more loyal village than Rockaway Beach. The people here will give anything to their

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