When I need them, messages come up in my mind, certain very good positive affirmations that I have practiced before in the form of chanting or that I have read in my poetry and life-affirming books. This week, a “removal of obstacles” message came in the form of a Sanskrit chant invoking the elephant deity in the yoga tradition: body of a boy, head of an elephant. The mythology of it—The story is that this deity “Ganesha” has the power to remove the obstacles from our lives. I imagine him sweeping his trunk from side to side in front of my life path, removing anything that is keeping me from happily continuing on my journey.  I don’t even have to know or understand what the obstacles are, just that they are being whisked away. And every

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” —  Joyce Meyer

What a wonderful world we live in and yet we are surrounded by such negativity and darkness. How does one stay positive with such negative energy and suppression? Stress, sadness, trauma, loss of a loved one can really bring a person down. It is not so easy to put on a happy face when in fact you are sad and lonely.

There are some easy ways to create a positive life. For one thing, stay more present. Yes, you have heard it

I count my blessings every day even when things are not going so smoothly. Glennon Doyle wrote the book Untamed and her mantra was, “we can do hard things.” Take a deep breath and know that you got this! Writing this column is really hard for me. I am not a writer, I don’t proofread, I just put on paper whatever comes to me. June has been a difficult month for many perhaps due to the transitioning back into a normal life. What is normal? Feels great to see and be with people who I haven’t seen

The solar eclipse last week was an extraordinary time in the universe. Light is cut off to the earth and when it returns back to us, it is an opportunity to start fresh in life. I had the chance to drive out east to Montauk during this time of uncertainly and had the most astonishing experience during the sunset at the other end. The magical colors of the landscape were exploding with an invitation to say YES in life.

We are here now with so many emotions; fear, anxiety, love, joy and

“Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.”

Make yourself happy. “Life is short” is an overused phrase but when you get it you may realize that there is no time to waste to work on a relationship or look for a new means of making money or shifting your mindset to make yourself feel better. Whatever it is, anything is possible. Mending old ways, reinventing your image, jump starting an idea—all doable. Before you know it, another year goes

“Breathing mindfully, you simply enjoy your in-breath and out-breath. You bring the mind home to the body, and you realize that you are alive, still alive, and this is a wonder. To be alive is the greatest of all miracles.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

If you can take three minutes before you rise from your night’s sleep to experience and enjoy a morning breath practice, it will help to set the day. Maybe sitting on the edge of the bed before all else. Or once you rise as you sit with your coffee or tea

Ever notice if you had been thinking about a certain color you notice it everywhere?  Seems like the mind directs our sight to select things around us that it is focused on. Like if we’re working on picking a paint color and trying to find the “right” color blue, for example, all of a sudden we’re noticing all blue shades around us. Or you’re looking for a plant for your garden, you know you want something coral or pink—as you walk down the street all of the pink and coral flowers present

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