In This Together

Be Well Be Happy

Empathy: the capacity to feel the emotions of others as one’s own.  This is the glue that binds people.   The first yoga class that I taught at Ocean Bliss was based on this very powerful word. I needed to feel the emotions and physical limitations with my students.  My intention was simply to connect to everyone in the room and adjust my teachings when it was needed.  If I were to put myself in their shoes how would I feel? Can we meet the students where they are? It can be challenging in an all-levels class. Hence, that is why we offer open level and basic/gentle classes and one is always welcome to attend either class.   

Compassion and empathy are similar but different.  Compassion could be described as wanting to help someone who is suffering. Empathy, on the other hand, is feeling how another person is feeling. 

As we welcome in 2017 with the unknown future perhaps we could find empathy for one another. We are in this together no matter how separate you think we are.  It doesn’t matter what you believe and who you support. It is time to do what’s right for beings everywhere. Embrace them all and you will find peace.  All of life is one. Everything in this vast universe of ours is held together in the embrace of unity.  Above all, trust in the slow work of God.

Living in the moment is not an easy task for some but it is a practice we can work on in 2017.  We are constantly planning, organizing and looking towards the future. Yes, it is necessary to look ahead and make sure you are planning for a successful future.  But there is beauty and peace in staying in the moment.  Don’t miss the present moment. It is precious and fleeting.  It can be as simple as smelling a delicious cup of coffee.  I love the aroma of my morning coffee brewing and then I sit to enjoy the moment. No phones, no Facebook, no TV.  It is a moment of joy. 

As I wake up in a beautiful beach house on the North Shore of Hawaii at 5 a.m. because my internal clock is way off, I walk down to the beach to witness the sunrise. Today there is not a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise on this cloudy day but I look up and there is a gap in the sky where I see a brilliant luminous light with a glorious blue sky and I say thank you God for always showing your presence.  I cry with ecstasy knowing this life is short but it is amazing in this moment. I smile and take it all in: the wind, the waves, the clouds, the sky, the sun, and the ocean.  You can feel the magnificence from above. Darkness is necessary to feel and see the light. Step outside wherever you are and look up, look out, look around. You are surrounded by love. You are love and you are loved by so many.  Open to our world. Find compassion for all beings and empathize with those who do not have the capacity to feel love. 

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