From Dark To Light

Be Well Be Happy

Lately, inspirational thoughts do not flow so effortlessly for me. I find myself having to pause and slow down more frequently. I am retreating more within my home finding comfort inside. As I write this column, it is winter solstice. A very special one in the planetary world. Saturn and Jupiter will come within degrees of one another. It will never happen like this again in our lifetime. Energies of Jupiter and Saturn illustrate this dance of yin and yang. Jupiter is said to represent growth and expansion. Saturn is discipline and commitment. It can also be resistance. Polarities will meet and exchange energy. The universe is said to bring a positive wave of energy.

Allow yourself to play with the darkness and light within yourself. The sun is shining brightly today and yet it was predicted to be full of clouds. Much has happened this past week in our small community. There has been loss of life, unbearable grief and much sadness. My sincere condolences go to all of you who are suffering.  May you feel the divine grace surrounding you during this difficult time.

As we move into the winter, we are being called to slow down and rest. Be at home with yourself and contemplate what is important in your life. We are celebrating the transition from dark to light.  We have been living with so much darkness this past year. A lot of time on our hands to reflect on the past, present and future. Even when it feels so dark there is never absence of light! Light always finds its way to work with the dark. Allowing us to see things more clearly. The source of light is within. 

Looking up we see light, looking down we see darkness. My upward gaze calls on the divine grace, my downward gaze feeds and supports my roots. Palms down, I ground into the earth. I begin to open up the spaces of my shadows. The polarity of dark and light is evident. There are many challenges so we are encouraged to pause, feel and be with them.

There is a quality of heaviness and lightness in the air. Fully accepting rather than fighting the feelings will help you to open. Welcome it all. Integrations of the shadows allow feelings of clarity. Breathing deeply, I begin to allow the spaces to open. Kindness, compassion and forgiveness is the path to follow.

Palms face up on my knees allows more of an ease in my flow of my energy. My breath celebrates the shared forces within myself. We need the dark to understand the light. Nurturing yourself and expanding through your heart will help to filter light. You are a beacon of divine energy.

The Guest House by Rumi: This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, depression, a meanness Some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.  Welcome and entertain them all!  Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, Who violently sweep your house Empty of its furniture,

Still, treat each guest honorably, He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, Meet them at the door laughing,

And invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes,

Because each has been sent As a guide from beyond.

By Helen Kilgallen

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