Grace. Balance. Strength

Be Well Be Happy

“The wisdom voice says: ‘Be still. Take time for what is truly important.’ Imagine yourself diving, leaving behind an untidy trail of what’s not needed. I cast aside worry, which has never brought me anything even remotely useful. I let go of doubt, and all the countless ways I tie myself in knots. Scattered behind me like discarded clothes are old beliefs, selfish agendas, my fixed and false identities, attachment to particular results. Weightless, and miraculously free, my eyes shine with wonder and enthusiasm. The wisdom voice says: ‘There is always time enough for joy.’” - Danna Faulds

As we approach the turning of the new year, I am thinking about what I want to leave behind that does not serve me well and does not do any good for anyone else. Past hurts and heavy burdens are on my list. Letting go of these things I know will make room for lightness and joy. The calendar helps us to make time to do this - at the start of the new year. It can be a ritual like saying what you are getting rid of and looking behind as you walk and leave it there.  It can be a thoughtful intention as you sit quietly. However you do it, it will be helpful to move forward to 2021 with a purer heart and clearer mind. 

Once you have cleared out whatever is clouding you, imagine that there is a guiding steadfast star deep within you that will show you your way whenever you need it. Whenever you are in need of guidance, conjure up this image and let the answer arise. Letting yourself “see,” “be in the flow” and “rely on your inner guidance.” Thinking it could be so, will allow it to be for you. 

When guiding a yoga class, I have offered the suggestion to move through the asanas (yoga poses) with Grace, Balance and Strength. GBS (like GPS) - our navigational system to be secure, safe and happy. Taking this off the mat and into the world, it is a wonderful reminder as we move to 2021 to move through our lives with these three positive guides.

Grace:  coming from a place of inner peace for a situation, provocation, any reaction. Being courteous, civil, thoughtful, respectful.

Balance: weighing things in our minds with thoughtful contemplation and tempering the negative emotions that may arise. Strength: feeling rooted to the earth with unwavering firmness and acting from a place of real inner power and soundness. We are the source of our own power that can initialize these guides and make them a part of our lives. 

Best wishes to all who read these words for good health, joy and peace in 2021 and beyond!

And thank you Kevin and all the staff at the RT for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts, feelings, experiences and learnings in this column. We are grateful.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be compassionate. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

 By Paulette Mancuso

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