Be A Mirror Of Goodness

Be Well Be Happy

“If you had a few days to live who would you contact and why aren’t you doing that now?” Steven Levine. Wise words of wisdom to help guide us in living a purposeful and meaningful life. Appreciating the people in your life and letting them know you care about them. Being a positive influence in someone’s life, perhaps helping to lift someone’s spirit by a simple call, gift or visit.

This past week I lost my beautiful, soulful, strong and resilient Uncle Willie at the young age of 97 years. He died from Covid-19. He was an immigrant from Ireland who came over on a ship and settled in Maryland in the 1950s. He travelled with his wife and children to this country to have a better life and provide for his family. They missed Ireland terribly and would never forget where they came from. 

My parents also emigrated from Scotland and Ireland. They would settle in New York and make it a priority to visit my uncle and aunt at least once or twice a year. So, we would become very close to them and would do our best to stay in touch. 

Willie was a blacksmith and would make a career working with the horses in the Park Police in Washington, DC. His proudest moment would be meeting the President of the United States in the White House. Ironically, he died on the tragic day at the Capital, January 6.  It was his time to bid us farewell. He lived a life of service in our country and loved America for the opportunity to build a wonderful life with the freedom to work hard and get a fair wage.

There are many people who have given a life of service in this country. I truly believe there is more good than bad in our world. We all belong here and want unity, peace and love. Respect and trust for one another is necessary to move forward in a positive way. Be a mirror of goodness for others. We were born to wake up to the light and yet people are being swallowed by darkness. 

Faith, Hope and Love are words to live by. It is how my Uncle Willie lived his long life. You cannot have hope without faith. When you have the first two, you will always have love in your life. Be kind and compassionate. Take care of those who are suffering. Remembering we are all good people. There are so many who have given their entire careers to service in this country. For this, I commend and thank you for being a beacon of peace and strength. May you continue to have integrity, wisdom and compassion for all beings. 

The following is poem is by Mary Oliver. Percy is her dog. 

“I Ask Percy How I Should Live My Life”

 “Love, love, love, says Percy.

And hurry as fast as you can

Along the shining beach, or the rubble, or the dust.

 Then, go to sleep.

Give up your body heat, your beating heart. Then trust. “

I trust we will all be ok. I refuse to have a negative attitude and will continue to have FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE. May you be healthy, happy and free of suffering. May you learn to live with less resistance and be a helper.

By Helen Kilgallen

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