Adapting to Change

Be Well Be Happy

As we march forward towards spring, some proven treatments and more and more people receiving the vaccine, I am feeling relief and hope. Little by little hope is replacing fear. We know what happened, so lingering in the recent past with that fearful feeling will do us no good. It will eventually leave a harmful irreparable mark. Looking ahead at the uncertainty of the future can also implode in fear. Being here today, taking stock of the reality right here, looking at the bigger picture and realizing it is okay, is a healthy way of living right now. I’m finding this way these days to try and simplify everything and lighten the load on my shoulders and in my heart. 

Change in the way we lived in the past year and are living now can be welcome and unwelcome. The only people I have heard who have liked this past year were boasting about their financial gain due to the demand of their goods and/or services.  Maybe that is just their way of making sense of it and hoping that deep down they empathize with all who have been terribly affected. If we learned one thing, here it is: that it doesn’t matter what you do, how much you have, what gender you identify with, the color of your skin, the religion you practice, anything at all that could be different than anyone else, you could have been and could be affected in numerous ways.  If that is not a unifying force, I don’t know what is. 

So, coming from a place of unity—we are all in this together—there will be changes that we will all have to embrace in order to move forward and be happy. It may take a while to get used to but accepting and releasing the anxiousness will make it easier to adapt. It took me quite a while to stop feeling angst when I traveled after 9/11. Frequent work trips became longer and more complicated. Among other things, I had to get to the airport way earlier than I had ever in my life. When I think back, if I had adopted the following mindset, I would have saved myself a lot of disequilibrium and heartache. 

“When we resist, it's called suffering. But when we can completely let go and not struggle against it, when we can embrace the groundlessness of our situation and relax into its dynamic quality, that's called enlightenment.” (Pema Chodron).         Enlightenment could be, in this human crisis, hope and security. We have to remember that whether we worry or not, the situation is the same—it is not going to change by our worry or lack of it. What will change is how we react and adapt to the changes that have resulted from this crisis. I am going to make a point of dropping into each moment in each and every day with gratitude, acceptance and openness, letting go of resisting what may have shifted during this past year.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be compassionate. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

 By Paulette Mancuga 

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