Go With The Flow

Be Well Be Happy

Go with the flow. Opposite of resistance. My latest personal “study” has been about resistance. When I’m not accepting of a person’s action or lack of, or a current reality, or state of affairs, I find myself focusing my thoughts on that and it is so unsettling. I keep on coming around to why is this so, or asking the same questions over and over. It never gets better, that is, the feeling around it, and nothing changes. 

So, rather than dwell on whatever it is, I am practicing letting go of the resistance.  Resistance is like abruptly putting up a stop sign. Something happens or someone repeatedly behaves in a way that you have something to say about, and you come to a halt and put up a barrier of whys and hows. It doesn’t feel good emotionally and chances are it takes a toll on the body’s systems as well, if even temporarily. It’s like being paralyzed or frozen in time. We cannot move forward from the difficulty because there is something of our own making in the way.

Practicing letting go of this resistance—what is not serving me in any way—has really opened up a channel of ease within myself. Accepting situations as they are has given me a gift of relief. All of a sudden, I am free. I am free to think about, feel around and try to change the situation or communicate in a good way with someone. When we can let go of the halt, that boundary, that stop sign—the resistance, we don’t focus on what it is, and can allow space for understanding, empathy, compassion, maybe right action.  Even if the situation may never change, it is in the flow and not in the resistance, that helps to make peace with it and move on with a little more ease.

Flowing through life feels much better than stopping and going and stopping and going and stopping and going. A stream of water flows through open channels and is abruptly stopped by a huge boulder. In your mind’s eye, imagine the water flowing—it is going along easily, maybe with a ripple here and there, but when it gets to the boulder, crash!  Flowing through difficulties, making a conscious effort to do so by imagining the channel open and free, is so much better and less tiring. Resistance can be really tiring, constant push back, there is a lot of energy required to hold up that stop sign. We don’t have to be right about something.  We don’t have to make someone do something he/she is never going to do. We don’t have to do anything that doesn’t come from a place of genuinely wanting to do it.  Let go of resistance, go with your flow and make peace with yourself.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you be compassionate. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. 

 By Paulette Mancuso

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