Where Do You Get Your Energy?

Be Well Be Happy

Recently, this question was asked to me and really got me thinking about energy. So many different energies in our world. Positive, negative, high, low, happy, sad, chatty, quiet, upbeat, depressed, anxious and grounded. There are people who wake up early and are ready to run out the door with great energy and yet there are others who slowly step out of bed and take their time to start their day. Personally, the morning is the best part of my day. I choose to go slow, sit quietly with my lemon water and coffee. It is important for me to take time to settle into the beautiful space I live. This sacred time gives me great energy. Every day I start with prayer and gratitude. Thank you for another day to live life. It is a gift to be healthy and whole and I do not take this for granted.

As I write this column, I light my favorite candle, Charcoal from Apokeke. The scent is grounding and nurturing. I am once again reminded how blessed I am to be in a space where I feel safe and protected. My home is my sanctuary and I love the town I live in. We have so much space and positive energy near the water. Rockaway Beach is a special place. Since I have lived here for the past 40 years, I call it my hometown. Walking around town there are always familiar, friendly faces. We are Rockaway Strong! We help and support one another. I imagine there are many towns in the USA like ours. Our country is large and diverse. How lucky are we?  If we all looked and thought alike it would be boring! I see you, you see me. I respect you, please respect me.

Moving the body is a wonderful way to move the energy within your body and mind.  Whenever you are feeling lethargic and cranky, get outside and move. Go to a yoga class where you will learn how to breathe, move and relax! Yoga is all about balancing our energies. We don’t force anything but rather sit with our energy and then move slowly and deliberately.  There is a fire within that burns away stagnant energy. I have witnessed the benefits of this practice so many times while teaching. Students often shared their heartfelt experiences with me.

Last night as I was preparing my Sunday morning yoga class, I received a message from one of our students. “Hope you and your family are well. I have moved out east to take care of my father and will be closer to my grandchildren as well so doubly blessed. Just wanted to tell you how important Ocean Bliss Yoga was for me all the time I was in Rockaway. It was a real light for me through a lot of difficult times, even though I was often gone for months at a time. I loved your gentle classes, they brought me so much peace. I think fondly of Paulette and Sarah’s classes, you have a wonderful studio and affect people more than you know. I will see you in your Virtual classes.” 

Thank you to all who have trusted Ocean Bliss Yoga. We are forever indebted to you. The truth is when we give, we receive so much in return.  The exchange of energy is reciprocal.

May you have positive energy, may you know you are enough, may you be healthy, may you be happy and live with ease.

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