Creating a Positive Attitude

Be Well Be Happy

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” —  Joyce Meyer

What a wonderful world we live in and yet we are surrounded by such negativity and darkness. How does one stay positive with such negative energy and suppression? Stress, sadness, trauma, loss of a loved one can really bring a person down. It is not so easy to put on a happy face when in fact you are sad and lonely.

There are some easy ways to create a positive life. For one thing, stay more present. Yes, you have heard it many times in this column, and we will always continue to remind and encourage you to stay in the moment. It is a blissful moment when you are present. Letting go of the past is something that will free your mind. It’s ok to visit the past but try not to cling to it. Remember, honor and then move on. There are no guarantees in life. We have today so live it well and be content. My Mom always said to me, “Be content and you will always be happy.” The best advice I ever received.

Helping a person who is not so happy is a great service in life. Holding space for them and sending loving prayers their way will help pave the way to happiness. Sharing your positive energy with someone who is going through rough times is a gift. We are meant to share and support one another especially during challenging times. I have a sister, Janet Fash, who is a ball of positive energy. When she enters a room, she brings laughter and cheer to everyone. She was born like this. For as long as I can remember, Janet has been full of life and happy go lucky. She is also someone who shares her positive energy with those who need it. She will make you laugh and sometimes cry! She has a heart of gold. My best friend in life who knows all my secrets.

Moving your body and keeping active is a great way to keep your energy positive. Surrounding yourself with good friends and family is also a valuable tool. In Rockaway, Breezy, Roxbury and Broad Channel, we are a community that supports and helps one another. Reach out to a neighbor and ask for help if you need it. Most people I know are more than willing to spend time with a person who needs comfort.

“Each morning night’s curtain opens on a new day. You are invited to join the great opening. Open your ears. Open your heart. Open your eyes to the sacred path you travel every day, the path of the hours.

Greet the hours with joyful awareness. Greet the hours with faithful presence. Greet the hours with a reverential bow. Greet the hours with a sacred pause.

Reverence each hour as a small stepping stone on your pilgrimage through the day. Receive the gift of seven sacred pauses. Practice waking up seven times a day.”  ~Macrina Wiederkehr

(This column was first published in July 2018)

By Helen Kilgallen

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