Remove Obstacles, Invite Abundance

Be Well Be Happy

When I need them, messages come up in my mind, certain very good positive affirmations that I have practiced before in the form of chanting or that I have read in my poetry and life-affirming books. This week, a “removal of obstacles” message came in the form of a Sanskrit chant invoking the elephant deity in the yoga tradition: body of a boy, head of an elephant. The mythology of it—The story is that this deity “Ganesha” has the power to remove the obstacles from our lives. I imagine him sweeping his trunk from side to side in front of my life path, removing anything that is keeping me from happily continuing on my journey.  I don’t even have to know or understand what the obstacles are, just that they are being whisked away. And every time I keep this image with me for a few days, I feel lighter and more positive. 

The image helps to project inside of us an opening to let go and remove what holds us back from doing, feeling, saying, being what makes us full and happy. With continued awareness, the intention takes hold, and the energetic body makes it happen. With this opening to a clear path, we can invite a flow of abundance in. Wealth—in body, mind and heart. True happiness. Satisfaction and contentment.

“Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” ~Epicurus

Several months ago, I began asking myself what makes my heart full. And I kept on asking. And I got a lot of answers from engaging the twinkling eyes of a child to guiding yoga classes to helping a client achieve a goal to witnessing the majesty of the sky at sunset to eating a healthy, wholesome meal and some delicious dessert (!) and on and on. I’ve found that I should keep on asking this question every single day to keep my awareness peaked and my lips turned up in a smile.

So, I ask you, “What makes your heart full?” “What warms your heart?” “What makes you smile?” Keep asking and the answers will come, and you can draw all of those things around you like a huge comfort pillow that surrounds you in safety, security and happiness.  Once we know what these things are we then can naturally gravitate towards them and also create the experiences that make us feel good. I look at it as having a one-track mind: abundance only. Inevitably, things will come up that are the obstacles - un-joyful experiences.  Here, we have the opportunity to conjure up “Ganesha” and put him to work. And we can create a plan to make the changes necessary to bring us closer to a joyful heart in ever-present abundance, creating the life we wish to have. 

May you be happy. May you be free. My you be grateful. May you be compassionate.  May you let go of things that do not serve you.  May you have inner peace.


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