Freedom Is Within

Be Well Be Happy

This past week we honored and paused to remember the veterans of our country. They have made huge sacrifices for our freedom. Thank you for serving our country. We know your service was not easy on you or your family. So much trauma and memories that are very personal and will always be with you as part of your story. Know that we are here to help you recover to feel safe, whole and at ease.

Trauma is something a veteran may carry in their bodies. My colleague, Sarah Arikian, taught a donation-based yoga class for Veterans Yoga Project last Thursday. Sarah has spearheaded this event for many years at Ocean Bliss Yoga. We are grateful for her beautiful offerings. So far, we have collected $500 and are still collecting until Thanksgiving for this amazing organization that provides free yoga to our Vets. Yoga helps with PTSD and anxiety. Yoga makes a person feel safe and at home in their bodies and minds. We release a heaviness that gets stuck in the body by focusing on breathwork and relaxation.

Feeling safe and comfortable in our bodies is not always an option for everyone. I imagine with the pandemic many people still feel unsafe and unsure of the future. Many of us have trauma deep within our tissues. The new norm is not so normal.  Masks are required in some public places, and this is a clear reminder we are still not safe. Perception is everything. I feel safe, I am at ease, I am not afraid.  We must do our best to feel comfortable in a time of uncertainty.

The potential to feel secure and at home is here if we all work together. Letting go of judgement and being a helper in a world that is suffering. We will come back stronger and more resilient if we trust one another. Doing the work requires us to be compassionate and at ease with ourselves. If you feel lonely or angry, try to use the many tools that are out there such as breathing, gentle movement and connecting with another human being.

Our focus this month at our studio is on loving kindness. Love yourself and feel safe in your body then send it out to the world. Send it to your loved ones and when you are ready send it to someone who is not on the top of your list.

Hafiz-  “ I do not want to step so quickly over a beautiful line on God’s palm

As I move through earth’s marketplace today - I do not want to touch any object in this world without my eyes testifying to the truth that everything is my beloved - Something has happened to my understanding of existence that makes my heart full of wonder and kindness

I do not want to step so quickly over this sacred place on God’s body that is right beneath your own foot - As I dance with precious life today.”

Restoring our world will take one step at a time. Healing is a process that requires our awareness with this moment. Be kind to yourself. No one knows what you’ve have been through better than yourself. You got this. You deserve to live a good life with no worries, anxieties or fears about your future or your children’s. Be here now. You are safe. 

May you be free from physical pain, May you be free from psychological holding, May you be free from emotional suffering, May you be spiritually free.

By Helen Kilgallen

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