Having Enough

Be Well Be Happy

Today is the last column of the year for me. It’s boxing day, my dad would have been 96 years old today. Memories of him come flooding in. When we were young, we never celebrated his birthday because of Christmas. We thought Christmas and his birthday were one of the same. He was always so gracious and funny on his special day. He would say, my birthday gift is my left shoe, I got the right shoe for Christmas. He taught us the meaning of having enough. We were blessed to have a dad who was spiritually connected to his higher source. He had everything he needed and appreciated the precious gift of love and life.

I wondered how my dad would handle the world we live in today.  I believe he would have his faith and not veer off the path. He would continue to be kind and help those who needed his guidance. Fear would not get in his way of living a life with his family and friends. I know as I write this column there are a few of you who knew him better than I. You witnessed a man of truth and compassion. One who walked the walk and found forgiveness in everyone who crossed his path. He taught my family to believe and always have hope. And he had a great sense of humor.

This past year was about survival. Some days were very good. Some days were terribly bad. In order to rise, you had to fall. To grow, you had to heal. To feel happy, life may cause you pain. This year has been a spiritual awakening. I have come to realize not all things matter in life, but the things that do you must hold on to. Listening to your intuition and gut will make all the difference.

“Remember the purpose of your hard days is not to make you feel weak and overwhelmed. The purpose of them is to help notice the strength you carry within yourself and to remind you that even when you doubt yourself, even when you feel weak and not enough, you are still strong and capable, you are enough. That this feeling of strangeness in your heart is just a temporary phase and no matter how long it takes to change your circumstances, you are always capable of growing and rising stronger through them.”  - Dhiman

Let your heart know you are loved and accepted. We will learn to live with the unknown and will move forward nonetheless. Slowly no doubt, and at your own pace. Some will hang back and that’s perfectly fine. Others will need to step into the world with two feet rooting down and rise to whatever struggles they meet and greet them graciously. Keep the faith and don’t lose the ability to laugh. Laugher is the best medicine for the soul. 

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” As we move into 2022, may you walk with your higher source as your guide. May you feel supported and safe. May you feel loved. May you live with ease.

In memory of my dear Dad. His favor Scottish poem he recited before meals to thank the Lord for our food. “Some hae meat and cannae eat. Some nae meat but want it. We hae meat and we can eat and sae the Lord be thankit.”

By Helen Kilgallen

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