Resolution: Intentions

Be Well Be Happy

It’s hard to believe we are already into our second week of January. Some of us don’t even feel like we had the opportunity to safely celebrate bringing in 2022. In the past my New Year’s resolutions never lasted long, so this year I changed my way of thinking to a list of many intentions or seed thoughts. I thought I would share some of them with you to give you inspiration if you are feeling called to change things up in your life in a meaningful way.

First, I would like to thank all my teachers in life. I hope you know who you are.  If I know you, you have taught me something important, good or bad, they are all lessons in how to live a life with purpose. Imagine the things you want to see happen in your life. Just put your wish list out there to the universe and with some effort it may transform into a reality.

Committing to a small act of kindness each day will change the way your feel. Your kindness may have a great impact in our world. The ocean is made of many drops. No drop is too small.

Be clear with your words and listen more than you talk. Listening is a lost art.  Sometimes we half listen to someone and think about what we want to say when the other person comes up for air. Many people are lonely who are living in quarantine, having a Zoom call is a great way to connect to others.

The other night we had our Book Club via Zoom, and it was such a delight to listen to one another. Each person respects the speaker and listens quietly to the reflections of the book.  It is a brilliant way to connect in times of isolation. Thank you, Sarah Arikian, for leading the discussion in our Book Clubs. We are so grateful for your kindness and generosity. Sarah volunteers her skillful execution of promoting the flow of conversation and eloquently keeps us on track of important themes within the book. 

This year, my intention is also to continue to move, breathe and teach yoga to everybody. I am humbled and honored to bring what I have learned from other teachers to this community. Creativity comes from what you find useful and then adaptation breathes an organic sequence that makes sense for everyone in the room. What works for your body and soul?

Ocean Bliss Yoga is grateful to the Belle Harbor Yacht Club for providing a beautiful space to practice yoga in. Whether we are in the Zoom Room or in-studio, we are together as a group who supports and encourages one another during these precarious times. We have hope even when we are ready to give up. In fact, our next book is Hope by Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams. It’s a survival guide for trying times. We sure could use help when it comes to surviving. “Probably the question I am asked more often than any other is: Do you honestly believe there is hope for our world? For the future of our children and grandchildren? And I am able to answer truthfully, yes.” - Jane Goodall

May you be inspired to love without fear. May you feel loved and connected to the world.  May we meet one day to chat, laugh, hug and dance. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

 By Helen Kilgallen

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