RT Salutes Animal Communicator Jill Lauri for Santa Paws Month


December is Santa Paws Month! Here’s your opportunity to nominate locals, who go above and beyond to rescue and/or find homes for lost and/or abandoned animals. Got a recommendation? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This week’s nominee is Jill Lauri!

A fellow Rockaway Beach resident, (name disclosed as she did not want to share the spotlight), nominated Jill Lauri of Healing With Animals (HWA), not only because of her dedicated advocacy in rescuing distressed animals, but Lauri’s inborn ability to radiate her love to them. “Jill’s spirit alone is so nurturing, and her power lies in how she is able to communicate with animals that we are here to be of service to each other,” the resident said.

Lauri is a telepathic animal communicator and healer who focuses on the healing potential for people and their animals in their relationships together. “There’s a reason each of us is presented with a particular animal, who offers an opportunity and invitation to heal. For example, it could be that the animal’s purpose is to teach us lessons in love and compassion, making them in service to us, and we in turn, in service to them," Lauri said.

When asked how her communicative ability with animals was born she answered, “I feel as though I came out of the womb feeling spiritually connected to animals. Every animal I encounter, I know they came to present me with a certain gift, and I in return, gift them with caring and understanding.”

Lauri shared a powerful experience she had when a live baby shark was found on Rockaway Beach. “I was there on the spot with many other concerned locals who were able to contribute to the baby shark’s rescue. For example, there was one man who was physically holding the shark, while I was holding the energy and love to communicate to the shark that he was safe, while another person was on the phone contacting a marine life rescue. It was a great opportunity to see how each of us, if we are willing, can contribute our strengths towards one common goal. The powerful lesson learned that day is that when as a community we work together out of a place of love to save a living being, we really are at our best,” Lauri said.

If you are confronted with an animal in distress, lost or abandoned, but unsure if you have the courage to come to
its rescue, Lauri recommends to first get yourself into a calm state and think. She advised, “First recognize that both your safety and the animal’s are paramount. Once you make the decision in your heart that you are committed to helping the animal, I have found that the resources present themselves. For example, someone may pop into your mind who may know of an animal rescue, or you may recall an article or a social media post with a phone number you could call. It’s amazing how things fall in place, when we make decisions out of love as opposed to fear. The main reason people don’t help is fear, however, when we make decisions out of a place of love, we are supported by the universe. When we make decisions out of fear, we become closed off to the wonderful possibilities.”

Lauri shared a recent experience she had. “I was walking on the beach when I found this butterfly. I placed it on my hand and continued heading uptown towards Beach 116th Street, and ended up at the Memorial Park. I was torn what to do as I had errands, so I placed the butterfly on a shrub and hurried off. I was amazed that when I returned, it was still there! So I put it back on my hand and it stayed with me the entire afternoon. I was at a low point in my life then, and I felt that the universe was looking out by blessing me with the friendship of this butterfly. Eventually I set him on his way, but that day will always remain with me. I firmly believe that when we rescue animals, they save us.”

For the holidays, Lauri is offering a 20 percent discount on Animal Communication phone sessions purchased by December 31. Also, get ready for her second annual Animal Rock Event in 2018, a day dedicated to animals and their caregivers. For more info about Animal Rock or Lauri’s services with HWA, visit: www.HealingWithAnimals.com, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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