A Most Unusual Summer Guide


Ta-da! The annual Rockaway Times Summer & Community Guide has been published and will be delivered today, Thursday July 2. If you get home delivery, it will be delivered to your door on Thursday or Friday and many businesses will have them for distribution. And fear not, you won’t be left without. We will be distributing The Guide through July.

Getting the 2020 Guide off the ground wasn’t easy. The Rockaway Times usually starts planning in late February for the popular publication. Until this year, The Guide has made its debut on the Thursday before Memorial Day with summer events already scheduled. This year, our sixth guide, was more like cramming for a test as we squeezed three months of work into 25 days.

On June 1, with no clear indication when beaches would open or if businesses would get the greenlight to do what they do, we decided to go full steam ahead, hoping advertisers would have the same faith in good times that we do. The advertisers are the ones who make the Summer Guide go. And boy, did they make it go.

This year’s guide is 104 pages and it’s chock full of information including all the new stuff that’s come to Rockaway since last summer. We’ve got book reviews, neighborhood profiles, a guide to some of the best frozen drinks in Rockaway and all sorts of information in one publication. It’s not the kind of thing you read in one sitting; it’s something to flip through and enjoy all year round.

For the cover, we got lucky with a great picture from Margie Daly. Previous Summer Guides have had timeless photos of bikes, rainbows, the surf, and beach. This year’s photo is more timely than timeless and captures a time we won’t forget. It so happens the photographer, Margie, knows the subject pretty well: it’s her daughter, Melanie. You’ll have to read The Rockaway Times Summer & Community Guide to learn the touching story behind the photo.

Mary Ellen Olsen took the reins from Pat McVeigh in coordinating all the moving parts to get The Summer Guide done. And she managed to do it 25 days. Amazing. Katie McFadden keeps The Guide fresh every year and our sales team of Fred, Rick, and Johnny O contacted just about every business in town. Probably more than once. Their tenacity paid off and we’re thrilled to say we have quite a few businesses advertising with use for the first time in this year’s guide.

 A lot of things are different these days but summer is here and so is The Rockaway Times Summer Guide. Enjoy!