Red Truck With a Message Accidentally Set Ablaze


On Thursday, October 8, a vehicle burst into flames on Rockaway Beach Boulevard between Beach 116th and Beach 115th Street at around 11:30 a.m. Traffic was shut down along the boulevard, but within a short time, FDNY arrived and got the fire under control.

The red Ford vehicle was left completely damaged. According to the driver, John, the fire started due to a smoking incident. The man dropped a match after lighting a cigarette in the vehicle, which set a paper towel on fire. The driver suffered minor burns to his hands but was otherwise unharmed. According to the driver, this was not the first time he accidentally set a vehicle ablaze.

The vehicle may look familiar as it was hard to miss being covered in anti-mask messages, among others. The driver utilized the vehicle to send political messages and recorded videos for his “Red Truck Series” on YouTube.

Photo by Katie McFadden.