45 And Feeling Good


Dear Enchantress:

Maybe I’m crazy. I’m 45 years old and pretty good looking. I have a nice job and a couple of dogs. I like my life. It feels good besides the craziness happening in the world. I don’t want to have kids and I own my house. I’m telling you everything feels really good. I have been dating and being pretty Covid-safe. But I don’t know what it is.

I keep connecting with men in their late 20s and early 30s. I don’t think I’m doing it on purpose but they are so much more fun! Is there something wrong with this? And how young is too young?


Dear Young and Restless,

Congratulations on having your act together! And I totally understand your inquiry. I have a client who is experiencing the same thing. In a nutshell, as long as a person is of legal age and can make sovereign decisions, I believe age is just a number.

Further, I believe that if people were really allowed to let their pre-judgment aside, there would be more couples that we are not used to seeing, whether it’s race or age or body size or gender.

So, this is really fun advice to give. But self-inquiry is always a beautiful place to begin. And in a journal or just think about what part of you is making this wrong? It sounds like there is some guilt for having such a good life with so much fun. And because you’re human, I’m sure you have times that were not this good. So, I want to bestow upon you this advice and new thinking, or reframe and let it turn into a belief and then a fact for you: Now in this time, it’s your turn to have everything feel really good, it’s your time to thrive and let that be OK.

Be grateful, smile and pass along the good energy, heck, even let yourself fall in love. This column feels really inspiring and I will make a video on it for the Friday coven stay tuned.

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By Shane Kulman


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