A Thank You to the Beach 124th Garden Helpers


Dear Editor:

The following is my thank you letter to our block.

This year we got our Beach 124th block garden going, and I wish to thank you all.

Starting with the souls that were hands on for daily watering, planting and general upkeep.

While Rockaway enjoyed days and weeks of sunshine, our Garden Gnomes (Allison, Kathy, Cathy and Bobby and Pat) were out there, sometimes before sunrise, doing their thing. We often left the garden as soaked as the flowers we watered, with the summer heat and humidity.

The rare day it rained was Christmas for whose ever job it was to water that day and prompted texts of jealousy from the other Gnomes.

We also had some behind the scenes Worker Bees (Mark and Stephanie) who quietly and with great labor produced our garden flag and donation request forms (at their own expense).

 The flag construction done with such craftmanship. Your eye is drawn to it the second  you hit the beach block.

And of course, our garden wouldn't be complete without all of you, Our Garden Butterflies. You flit around the garden, going to the beach, riding your bikes or hovering overtop on the boardwalk.

Always with kind words of appreciation and encouragement. Your generous donations allowed our aquatic artistic expression to surface (yellow submarine, tee hee) and flourish. This garden doesn't exist without each and every one of you and I hope through it, we surpassed your expectations and fulfilled the responsibility bestowed on us.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my husband Bill, My Dream Maker, who sculpted the Seahorse and who is tasked with bringing my ideas to life and to a level that always surprises.

My deepest gratitude,
Lisa Z