Summer  Bucket List

Slice Of Life

While writing this column, I started to research the term, “bucket list.” I had remembered a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, which was made in 2007, and the research online says that is generally when the term was born. The two men break out of a cancer ward and attempt to do things they have wanted to do before they die. It comes from the phrase, “kick the bucket,” which we all know means to die. Another show I enjoyed was a reality show on MTV called, “The Buried Life,” which was about four young guys who traveled around North America, crossing off things on their bucket lists and helping others achieve the same goal.

I crossed a few things off of the bucket list the last few years by traveling to Europe. But I still have many things on the bucket list. I am still aiming to travel to Greece, Spain, Ireland and I really want to drive the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible. While driving the PCH, I also want to stop and visit the hotel where Marilyn Monroe filmed, "Some Like It Hot," with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. I am not one to want to bungee jump or do anything dangerous. I recently went snorkeling in Cozumel and was looking forward to doing it next week while in the Bahamas but the sharks have scared me straight.

My summer bucket list is a little less ambitious: Reading more. I have a list of many books I would like to read. Each year I try to add in a classic with all of the romance and thrillers I read. I started this a few years ago because as an English teacher, people think you have read EVERY SINGLE BOOK. I need a suggestion for this year. I was thinking Wuthering Heights. I know, it is quite embarrassing that I have never read it.

I am trying to exercise a lot more. My girlfriends and I have been playing tennis and we are having a blast while exercising. I hope we can keep up our weekly sessions. I have classes purchased for the summer at Crom and Rockaway Gliders. I hope I get an email soon saying: you are all out of classes, purchase more. 

Riis Beach Bazaar. I have not been up to Riis once. I have heard it is fabulous with some new vendors. Hopefully I will get a nice night with no expected rain and take a bike ride up there. Cannot wait to see the new Riis Bathhouse. I heard it is fabulous. 

My column. It is quite busy doing all of the above and also going to the beach for a little while each day and sometimes the column creeps up on me. I hope to make my deadline each week.

I would love to hear your bucket lists for the summer. What would you like to do that I did not mention? Happy Fourth of July everyone. Enjoy celebrating our great nation.

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