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With the ferry dropping people off by the thousands, our fabulous concession stands and our new beautiful Rockaway Hotel, this summer is sure to be very crowded. So, we established some beach rules, now let’s get to the beautiful boardwalk.

I saw an interesting comment last week regarding the boardwalk and I could not agree more with the person writing it. Why is the bike lane directly against the railing? It should be in the middle of the boardwalk. But like most things in New York City, no one thought about it before designating it as such.

When I ride my bicycle on the boardwalk, I do try to stay in the bicycle lane, but it is difficult to do so when people enter the boardwalk and they just stroll north to south, without looking east to west. So, please try to look both ways when entering the boardwalk from the street. People also like to walk close to the railing for support, I get it. Also, be aware of your surroundings in general, do not just wander aimlessly. And like on a city street, watch your children! Do not just let them run wild.

Cyclists, it is not the Indy 500 Speedway for bicycles. Many people have concerns about the electric bikes, but the cyclists go much faster than my electric bicycle can or would go on the boardwalk. I have seen a few collisions and people have gotten quite injured by the speeding cyclists. If you would like to go for a speed racing session, go early in the morning. Of course I feel the electric bikers should also slow down. But just know I’m usually peddling, not using my throttle while biking on the boards.

We also now have an issue with the electric scooters and speeding. The same goes for you: slow down.

Now, according to the New York City Parks Department, dogs are not supposed to be on the boardwalk or the beach after May 1. Now, I know many dog owners do not like this. Well, talk to your dog owning friends who allow the dogs to continually defecate on the boardwalk. It is an issue. And sometimes good people who follow the rules have to pay the price for people who do not.

Of course it goes without saying, please do not litter on our beautiful boardwalk. Walk the short distance to throw away your trash. And the beach rule about loud music goes for the boardwalk as well. Unless you are the DJ at a concession stand, do not play your music for the entire boardwalk to hear. I once saw a young man set up with professional DJ speakers playing for himself. AND, it was vile lyrics.

Now I know I said it in the beach etiquette column, but I will say it again: the showers on the boardwalk are for rinsing, not bathing.


Have a great week everyone. If I missed anything let me know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 By Beth Hanning

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