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 This week we get into some of your questions that were sent in!

The first question of the week comes from Barbra H. in Rockaway Park and she asked "Do pro wrestlers make their own wrestling attire?" Good question Anna, most wrestlers do design their own ring gear and some hire designers to make there ring gear. Ring gear can cost anywhere from $50 to $250 with some ring gear costing close to $1,000 to make. It all depends on the wrestler’s character and story they want to tell. Also, it’s a matter of how much money they want to spend.

The second question of the week comes from Jonathon S. in Far Rockaway who asked, "How often do Pro Wrestlers work. What does there work schedule look like?" Excellent question Daniel. You have Independent Wrestlers who mainly work shows on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays with some traveling cross-country or overseas. For pro wrestlers who are signed to contracts with major league companies their schedules can vary with weekday TV tapings and doing shows on the weekends. Pro wrestling can be a seven-day-a-week job at times and it requires a lot of traveling and a lot of time away from home.

The third question of the week comes from Josh F. in Arverne By The Sea and he asked "I used to be a wrestling fan I love the combat and action but now wrestling seems more boring and theatrical." Another great question, wrestling throughout the years has gone through many different changes. We have gone from the Character Era to the Attitude Era to what you see today and I call the Theatrical Era. We are seeing more of Hollywood influences in the product. We are seeing comedy and movie action. We are seeing a lot of things that come out of Hollywood. I do feel that wrestling needs to return back to its original roots of having a stage fight between two individuals.

The fourth and final question of the week comes from Henry D. in Bayswater and he asked, "Can professional wrestling benefit from having a Union represent them the same way they represent Professional Sports Players?" Harry, this is a question that has been asked many times and here is my opinion on the subject. Professional wrestlers can benefit from having union representation. Having a union negotiate contracts that include Salary, Work Schedule and Benefits would greatly help the individual wrestler. Right now, the power is more with the organization and not the performer and I believe with union representation this balance could be equaled out to benefit both.

The fifth question comes from Alan A. in Breezy Point and he asked, "Do you see AEW becoming the number 1 company in Pro Wrestling?" To be honest Alan right now, no.  Although it has the potential of becoming the #1 promotion, a lot factors play into. They are doing well in the ratings so all I can say let's keep an eye out on AEW and see how they continue to develop and market their product.

Keep sending those questions into This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you can follow me on Facebook @ericjayden and on Twitter @followthebadguy Have a Great Week!

By Eric Jayden

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