A String And A Pen


 Dear Enchantress,

 I have been a procrastinator all my life, and I'm so sick of it. I even make post-its all around to remind me, and I ignore them and wait until the last minute. I really want to change, and I see how when I wait until the last minute, I get excited and my ideas are flowing so fast. I know this is your specialty and wish I could be totally different and make it easy so I wouldn't be up the night before doing work. I work for a nice company, and I get paid well, and I am working from home, which I used to say was the problem. I didn't like spending time with my officemates, but now I'm home and I have the same problems. What are some baby steps I can take so I can work easier and not be under the same kind of pressure I always have?


Dear Last Minute Lucy,

I'm glad you already know this is my specialty, so you may already know I am the world's biggest recovering procrastinator! My earliest memory is in the 2nd grade, so I totally understand you. So! Let's make it easy and get you started. Instead of a small square post-it, put up a piece of paper, with a string and a pen on it. Not on your phone, (where distraction lives) on your fridge. Write one idea on it daily, (you can also put it in the bathroom) any place where you already have habits. If you think you have nothing to write, write "nothing."

The "high" that you feel when you wait to the last moment, is an actual addiction, and this kind of addiction is based on a behavior, and behaviors can be changed. Along with the behavior, your mind has to be willing to be changed. Writing to me is a great step, the other step is to question yourself, "do you really truthfully, if you were really, really honest, think you can change?"

Listen to your first answer in your mind. If you think "no," that's ok, can you be willing to be curious if you can change? So instead of going from "no I can't change" to "yes I can change," go from "no I cannot change" to "I'm curious if I can change..." Curiosity is a more fluid way to assess, instead of being "good" or "bad" or "right" or "wrong."

Celebrate that you write on this paper every day. Then whenever you do the project, bring your daily written note list and you'll see your body will react differently.

If this first step works out well, repeat it again for the next project and give yourself a due date, (not a deadline, forget dead anything.) Then complete it early, and spend the next day doing nothing for work. Yes! Take the day to chill, replace the reward!

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By Shane Kulman