A March for Irish Solidarity


On Sunday, March 21, a local organization put a unique spin on traditional St. Patrick’s Day parades to send a strong message. As a piper led the green-clad group through Belle Harbor to Rockaway Park, this march put out a call for Irish solidarity for racial justice.

Local group “Your Anti-Racist Neighbors” organized Sunday’s “Irish Solidarity March” for all marginalized groups around the world. In a social media post for the event, the group said, “As Irish Americans who are proud of our cultural history of resistance to oppression and solidarity with marginalized communities, we will march to uplift that proud tradition. In political arenas, in mainstream media outlets and in our own community, both historically and in the present day, it pains us to see the harmful complicity of so many of those who share our ancestry. This is our response.”

The gathering of about 40 people met on Beach 129th and continued to the boardwalk, where they peacefully marched to Beach 105th Street and shared the message behind the event with words, signs and of course, bagpipe music.

Photo by Sean Boyle.