Sexuality and Spirituality


Dear Enchantress,

This feels kind of edgy, but I get the sense you will answer it in a way that is very truthful and helpful. I do a lot of self-development work, and since the pandemic I've been reading and reading, and know a ton more, but also am more confused. Here is my question: how do spirituality and sexuality relate?


Dear Inquisitive Ivan,

Great question. And there are many texts and many angles to speak to this topic from. I will share how I personally see the integration and what they have to do with each other. I claim that spirit and soul sit on the same shelf; they are the same.

Seeing sexuality as the fullest expression of the self, the most vulnerable, makes it sacred. That is the biggest common denominator of sexuality and spirituality; they are both sacred.

When two people choose to connect sexually without spirituality; it's purely physical. I believe pure physical sexuality does more harm than good. Also, sexuality without a spiritual connection is disconnected and is emotionally damaging and contributes to low self-worth.

Spiritual sexuality is the exchange of not just physical energy, but its creative energy, emotional energy and requires full presence, and time. The result of spirit and sex being consciously integrated deepens the relationships with self and other, and I consider it holy.  

The other important piece of this integration is that all parts of the self are invited into the union. The most vulnerable parts, that are not considered attractive or cool, with communication and agreements from both people, and all of this takes time, and patience, which, if a person is not accustomed to this or unaware, can be frustrating, and confusing to them.

Thank you for bringing this question to table. I hope folks find it as useful as I found answering it.


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By Shane Kulman


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