Skate Safe. Wear a Helmet.


 Skateboarding can be a fun activity, but it’s even better when doing it safely. Christine Scheppa is hoping to share the importance of wearing a helmet while skateboarding, during an event in collaboration with Ernie Herrera, owner of GrindTime Skateshop located at 90-20 Rockaway Beach Boulevard next month.

Scheppa knows firsthand how vital a helmet can be. In 2016, Scheppa’s son, Vinny, fell off his skateboard. According to Scheppa, “he was not wearing a helmet and suffered a traumatic brain injury, leaving him in a minimally conscious state.” Undergoing surgeries, rehabilitation and 24/7 care, Vinny lived with his traumatic brain injury for five years.  In February, on Ash Wednesday, he died as a result of his injuries.

Scheppa hopes to keep other families from going through what hers has had to endure. On Sunday, May 23, she’s teaming up with GrindTime Skateshop to hold a special event to raise awareness for brain injuries and the importance of wearing a helmet while skateboarding.

Following Vinny’s accident, Scheppa, a registered nurse from Garden City, not only became a vital caretaker for her son, but an advocate for traumatic brain injury awareness. She has led the charge to push for a change in state law that would help qualified family members provide nursing services to their loved ones and be reimbursed at a nursing rate. The Vincent Scheppa Bill, named for her son, passed the Senate, and is continuing to go under review by the state legislature.

In the meantime, she is continuing to spread awareness. As Herrerra himself has raised funds for brain injury awareness and donated it to the Brain Injury Association of NY, Scheppa knew GrindTime Skateshop would be on board for this mission. “He is equally as passionate about the importance of wearing a helmet to prevent brain injuries,” Scheppa said. At the event next month, she says, “Our family will be distributing some helmets to children at this event to help keep them safe. Our goal is to save lives!”

On May 23, all are welcome to head to GrindTime starting at 12 p.m. to honor Vinny, learn the importance of wearing safety equipment while skateboarding, and take home a helmet of their own.

By Daniel Lynch


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