Rockaway’s Seaside Neighbors


 For years sea life has been coming back to the Rockaways. Dolphins going from Beach 19th up to Breezy Point and back. A long-time resident seal has a baby on the bay. Sharks shutting down the beach. The most incredible sea animal to see is a humpback whale putting on a show for all those to see right from our own beaches. For the surfers, they are so close they can almost touch these amazing creatures. I was lucky enough to catch one on camera recently.

They are here to stay, I believe, as long as we promise to take care of our ocean. Let's all be reminded that this is their home. Plastic and balloons do not belong in our oceans. Garbage needs to be picked up. When you love nature, I believe nature loves you back. When you look at this amazing creature, give him an ocean he or she can live in, like the rest of the sea animals we love to connect with so much.

By Theresa Racine


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