Often, I don’t know with certainty why I was chosen or not chosen as the listing broker. Occasionally, the sellers explain their reasons for picking me, and this just happened. One of my competitors suggested a listing price which was obviously at least 250k above the true value of the property. The sellers were aware of the “bait and switch” technique which was being used on them. They knew that the broker was promising too high a price just to get the listing. Consequently, they chose me as their broker.

This experience reminds me of the great old movie called “The Great Ziegfeld.”  Ziegfeld was highly respected for his objective honesty with performers. He convinces a big star to sign with him because he has the integrity and guts to criticize her performance. I don’t know if the movie was accurate, but it reminds me of my search for new listings. Every homeowner wants to get the maximum price possible. However, sellers should be alert to brokers who promise too high a price in order to show market share and hope that the seller will eventually lower the price. Why waste time and lose the upcoming season? Give me a call if you want an HONEST comparable market analysis. Love, Robin. 

By Robin Shapiro

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