Wrestle Talk: More WWE Releases


 This week we start off by answering an email sent to us by Danny O. in Rockaway Park and he said, "It appears that the almighty WWE isn't the end all of pro wrestling. What are your thoughts? Is the WWE still a viable option for Pro wrestlers?

Well, this question leads directly to the news we were going to cover on this edition which is about more WWE releases. Now, the WWE roster continues to shrink as the WWE released an additional eight superstars this past week. This latest release of talent comes after the WWE had already released 18 wrestlers from their contracts. During this round of releases, the biggest name on the list was John Morrison, who was a former WWE Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champion numerous times. It’s worth noting that John Morrison's wife, Taya Valkyrie, has also been released prior to Morrison.

The rest of the list includes: Ashante Adonis, Drake Maverick, Isaiah Swerve Scott, Jaxson Ryker, Shane Thorne, Tegan Nox and Top Dolla. Now I have expressed my opinion before on why the WWE has released so many talent and office employees and I believe that the WWE is positioning itself for a potential sale. It's a practice many companies do when they want to set up their company for sale in the corporate world. They off load a lot of expenses. Now is the WWE a viable option for aspiring wrestlers? Qell, that going to come down to opinion, but I'll say this right now, anyone signing a contract with the WWE is pretty much looking at a very short career. I feel that the WWE has shown itself, as of late, to not be a stable company to work for.

I would say any wrestler looking to get signed to a contract has other options to explore. Now, in the world of professional wrestling, it’s very competitive and you do have to prove your worth but at the same time I strongly believe any company signing a talent to a contract should go above and beyond in helping that talent succeed whether as a Heel or a Face. The company should invest on that signed talent and not let that talent just dwindle and go stale. I believe it takes two, both the company and the talent, to make a gimmick work properly. Working together to tell a story that the fans will pay to see—that should always be the ultimate goal.

Thank you again for the great questions and keep sending them in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Have a great week!

By Eric Jayden


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