Be More You


This is my message to everyone. It formed slowly as I created an image on Instagram at 4 a.m. with three pictures of myself, and I love a double entendre. Be More You was born. So you can go punching and kicking to uncover more of yourself, or you can go slow, supported and curious. You decide.

I have been watching men and women live on the sidelines of life, watching others be in the game, watching others have fun things, watching others be offered opportunities, seeing others fall in love and have life partners. I have seen people secretly take themselves out of the game and believe that the good things in life are not available for them. Part of this is having a victim mentality, and part of it is lack of deservability. What do you think about deserving? What did you hear growing up about deserving? Did you hear "you deserve a smack?"

So, my invitation to you in 2022, is to be more you. What does that look like? Here are some ideas: Speak up with loving kindness when you don't agree; Ask for more than you think you deserve; Rest more than you think you should; Open your heart to love, even if you are afraid; Lean on a friend when you would typically isolate and hide; Join a community event where you don't know anyone; Flirt with someone you're attracted to (bonus points for telling them you're attracted to them); Read a fiction book for fun; Make art; Double your prices; Make one up and tell me!

I am surrounding this year with bright light that is built on trust, sureness, love, compassion, and joy!

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