Groins, Dunes and Sand Planned for 2022


 Like the weather, beach closures, jetty and reinforced dunes construction are subject to change. According to The Wave, “multiple sources” told them that city beaches would be closed from Beach 90th to Beach 116th on weekdays through the end of July. After contacting NYC Park to confirm this, a Parks Department spokesperson told The Rockaway Times that that was “inaccurate.” Parks added that they were “finalizing a closure plan” and would get back to us as soon as it was set.

Inaccurate or not, the report prompted politicians and business owners to plead with Parks to hold off disrupting the area during the height of the summer season.

As recently as late last week, The Army Corps spoke to The Rockaway Times. USACE Project Manager for the Coastal Restoration and Special Projects Branch Michael Oseback provided a quick rundown of the upcoming work. The latest groins to be completed were those on Beach 98th Street, Beach 102nd Street and Beach 108th Street. This summer, work will be ongoing. The staging area for the groin construction, where the boulders that are being used for the project are stored, will remain at Beach 116th Street.

The contractor will be finishing up a groin already under construction at Beach 92nd Street with an estimated completion in July, and a groin at Beach 110th Street, with an estimated completion in August. Come the fall, the contractor will bring work back east with construction taking place on the groins between Beach 38th Street and Beach 43rd Street. This work takes place Monday through Friday.

USACE will also begin Contract 2 of its plans for Rockaway, which entails a new reinforced dune from Beach 9th to Beach 149th and sand replenishment. The contractor for this work Michels Corporation will begin mobilizing at the end of May at Beach 147th Street. “We’re going to roll right through summer,” Project Manager Michael Oseback said. Construction of the reinforced dune, which entails sheet pile and an armor stone core that will later be covered in sand, will be taking place between Beach 149th and into the Beach 130s through September. Dredging work will take place in the fall to begin sand replenishment, which is expected to start on the eastern end of the peninsula. Beachgoers may notice the dredging equipment on the horizon starting in September.

Again, please note, all of this work is subject to schedule changes as weather can cause delays. NYC Parks is expected to provide updates on how the beaches will operate around this construction and will provide updates on any possible beach closures while work is ongoing. “Public safety is our number one priority,” Oseback said.

As for weekday closures and exactly where and when these will take place, stay tuned.

 By Katie McFadden

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